Monday, March 22, 2010

Tips For Success: Toughness

Found a a good piece of advice today !

How to Get Tougher

"How many times in your life have you decided: 'Well let's see, I couldn't handle so and so. I guess I'd better handle just a little bit less.' And then the first thing you knew you couldn't even handle that.

"What if you had said, 'All right. Now let's see. I don't seem to be able to do this. Well, where's two of them?'

"I recommend it to you very thoroughly. You can't handle something, you say. Find a couple of tougher ones.

"The point is that you go in reverse." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When you think you can't handle something, take on two problems. Make the challenge bigger!

Five Examples

1. You don't have enough money this month to pay your apartment rent. At first, you decide to move to a cheaper place. But then you reverse your idea.

Your neighbor also can't pay the rent. You decide to solve both problems. You meet with your neighbor and help him figure out how he can pay his rent. Bang! You suddenly see how to increase your income well above the amount you need for your rent.

2. It's hard for you to drive a car with a manual transmission (stick shifter and clutch pedal). You've always driven an automatic, but need to drive a stick-shift car for your job. But every time you try to drive it, you grind the gears or shift to the wrong gear and stall the car. You decide to get a bigger problem.

You ask your truck-driver friend to show you how to drive a big truck with 18 gears. You learn how to shift, how to use the clutch and accelerator together, and how to control the speed with the gears. You soon have fun driving a 10-foot high truck. Of course, when you return to the manual-transmission car at work, it's very easy to drive.

3. You just got divorced and feel horrible. You can't stop crying. You consider taking drugs, seeing a shrink or worse. But then you decide to take on a bigger challenge.

You find two people who cry whenever you bring up their divorces. You help them get over their grief with fun activities. Immediately afterwards, you feel great!

4. Your new t-shirt business is dying. Even though you have a great location in a shopping mall, you can't get enough customers to come in. All of your new marketing ideas have failed.

You are losing money and can't pay your rent. You talk to a lawyer about going bankrupt.

But then you decide to get tough. You walk through the mall and find a hat shop that also has no customers. The owner is also thinking about quitting, so you make a deal to take over the hat shop.

Now, you have to get customers into TWO stores.

Now that you have more to risk, you stop reinventing the wheel. Instead of trying more new ideas, you visit three of the most successful t-shirt or hat shops in town to observe how they attract customers.

You copy these proven ideas and customers start to show up. Soon, both of your stores are making a profit. You are on the road to business success.

5. You need to lose weight, but you just can't stop eating junk food. You can't seem to turn off the TV and go exercise. You look around for some tougher problems.

You notice your chubby spouse and plump daughter are also sitting on the couch, eating junk food. You jump up and say, "We're all getting healthy, starting right now!"

You turn off the TV and make everyone go for a walk. You get them to eat more vegetables and less sugar. You convince them to change bad habits into good habits.

Over the next several months, you stay in charge of all three bodies. Everyone loses weight and becomes healthy. You feel tough!

How can you use this principle to handle your most difficult problems?

Give it a try!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Manadangalada maatu

While browsing I found a good blog in Kannada by Rashmi Hanchate

She has written nice poems……….and started writing Nano stories..

But after 2008 nothing is there.

2009 - 10 ralli Enoo baradilla yaake?

For God's sake Rashmi, continue blogging.


Friday, March 12, 2010

How to study more in less time

Exams are near and still syllabus is not completed. What to do? Many students think about it and spend lot of energy and time to find a solution of this. But if isn’t there any way to save time. Because sometime there are only small things which we ignore, yet they are very important in saving time. Some tricks which I got from some time management lectures and some are developed by me are here to share with all. But I must tell you some of tricks are rude still very important for exam time. So let’s start with first thing entire article..

How to study more in less time

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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India: Editing broadsheets abroad* - Native Intelligence

India: Editing broadsheets abroad* - Native Intelligence

A nice posting by TJ Sullivan. Couldn't help sharing it ! For original article click the link.....India: Editing broadsheets abroad* - Native Intelligence

The Orange County Register's decision to outsource some editing to India shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in our ailing newspaper industry, particularly here in Southern California, where a Pasadena news outfit flirted briefly in 2007 with the notion of outsourcing reporting to the subcontinent.
With 2008 shaping up to be the worst year on record for ad revenue, more creative solutions, and associated workforce reductions, are likely.
Not so in India.
They're accepting applications in India.
The company that the OC Register hired, Mindworks Global, has several job listings* posted on its Web site.
Because I've never worked on a copy desk, most editors would probably say I lack the experience necessary to perform the duties of a "copy editor." However, as Mindworks has made copy editing part of its mission, I thought I might help clean up its Careers page*. Consider it a bit of reverse outsourcing.
My edits are noted in the excerpted copy below. Strikethroughs and [suggested changes in bracketed bold italics] are mine. In the interest of brevity, I've omitted some of the copy, as noted with a [Snip ...]:
Copy Chief -- You should be able to lead a team of sub-editors and take overall responsibility for the editorial quality of assigned projects.
[Snip �]
You must have [an] excellent command over [of the] English [language] and close familiarity with [have a working knowledge of] international media.
[Snip �]
Senior Sub-editors -- Mindworks is looking for people with strong editorial skills who are able to turn around copy fast and flawlessly.
[Snip �]
Ability to perform well under pressure is a must and so is ability to work well in [on] a team. You need to have 2-5 years of work experience.
Copy Editors -- Mindworks is looking for graduates with an excellent command over [of] written English. The job involves working on varied and exciting editorial projects with people across the globe and the chance to acquire world-class skills.
We are looking for graduates/postgraduates who have always dreamt [dreamed] of working in the media, and have a passion for writing/editing.
The right candidates should be alive to [keep abreast of] current events, have high analytical skills and a burning desire to learn.
The ability to perform well under pressure and work with teams is a must.
Online editors -- Mindworks is looking for people to edit user-generated content on media web [Web] sites. You should be able to follow prescribed guidelines to select/edit user content, and also have good language skills to edit and upload text and photo [photos] on web [Web] sites.
Good comprehension skills are a must, and so is an ability to work well in [on] a team. Prior work experience is not a must, but experience with web-based [Web-based] content management systems for uploading/editing text will be an advantage [is preferred].

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a joke

A drunk walks into a bar and says to the bartender,"Get everyone here a drink on me, and get one for yourself too"The bartender pours a round of drinks, including one for himself,then says to the drunk,"That will be $45"The drunk says, "I don't have any money"The bartender takes the drunk outside and beats the shit out ofhim.The next night the same drunk walks into the bar and says to thebartender, "Get everyone here a drink on me, and one for yourselftoo".The bartender thinks, this guy can't be that stupid to come inhere two nights in a row with no money, so he pours a round, hasone himself, bumps the guy and says, "That will be $50".The drunk says, "I don't have any money".The bartender takes the drunk outside and beats the shit out ofhim again.The next night, same drunk walks into the bar, waves a wad oftwenty dollar bills in the air and tells the bartender to get around for everyone.The bartender says, "What, not one for myself?"To which the drunk replies, "Hell no, you get too mean when you drink."